The Journey with Plexus

Welcome.  If you have found my page you likely were on Instagram or Facebook and were intrigued by something I wrote or posted.  Thank You for taking the time to stop in.

I am a representative to a company that sells life changing health and wellness products.  I chose to join immediately because they were so amazing and so life changing for me that I could not, not share this.  Please check out My Story here.  My story is not unique, there are thousands of people with similar testimony.  For this reason I chose to join the company, that and the fact that I saw this amazing opportunity.

Plexus is not like other Network Marketing Companies.  Stop.  I know your are like "ugh".  Trust me I bet 75% of our ambassadors swore off Network Marketing.  Some how though we all found our way to Plexus.  The comp plan is awesome.  It does not have those little "Gotchas" like so many other network marketing companies seem to have.

So Please take a look with an open mind.  I watched the Diamond Documentaries and that really showed me how doable this is.

Below is a great Video Plexus put together to Introduce you to the company.  As you surf around my page there are a couple other videos that will help you determine if this company is a good fit for you.


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