How to Become an Ambassador

Retail, Preferred or Wholesale. Your Choice.

To Order Plexus Products Retail, Preferred or Wholesale lease follow this link to my 
official Plexus Worldwide Website.

Retail Customer order is a one-time, non-recurring order. No discounts apply.

Preferred Customers save money on their purchases from the very first order, and receive their choice of Plexus products each month without having to remember to place an order. Preferred Customers receive a 10% discount off the price of what Retail Customers have to pay. After your Preferred Customer status has been in place for 3 consecutive months, you will receive a further 10% off your purchases. That discount will continue as long as you remain a Preferred Customer. In short, after 3 months of being Preferred, you get an additional 10% discount.

A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly recurring auto-shipment of any of our products at the cost that is lower than Retail. At any time, after only 15 days of your first purchase, you as a Preferred customer, may cancel this monthly purchase. There is no contract or cancellation fee. After these initial 15 days, if you choose to cancel your status as a Preferred customer, you may do so. Plexus Worldwide is very quick and friendly. When you are placing your order as a new Preferred Customer, you will continue to receive your recurring shipment on that same specific day of the following month. However, the 28th is the last day in which Plexus can set auto-ships. Any orders placed on the 29th, 30th, or 31st will be shipped on the 28th for this reason.
To cancel your Preferred customer order simply login and cancel the order.

Wholesale Customer
Get your products at Wholesale by becoming a Plexus Wholesale Customer. 
Wholesale Customers will pay a $34.95 membership fee and at this point Plexus products will be at a 20% discount.  Plexus will provide you with the opportunity pack and a website should you choose to share your product with just 3 people and it can help pay for your product…depending on what you buy it may pay for all of your Plexus products.

I never pressure people to sell the product, however after you experience the products and achieve some success you may decide to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to improve your health and wealth.  When this time comes, please c0ntact me and I can help you on the path to success.

Opportunities to Earn Money as a Plexus Ambassador
Plexus offers the best Compensation plan I’ve ever encountered. Let’s learn more about your earning potential with Plexus as an Ambassador.
There are 11 ways to make money with Plexus, through selling productsbuilding your business, and profit sharing. As an Ambassador, you earn retail profits from sales you make in person and online through your official Plexus website. You also earn retail rewards including commissions by reaching sales goals. The commission is either 15% or 25%, depending on how much you sell each month. When your volume is over 500, your commission will be 25%.

There are also retail override commissions if you personally sponsor an Ambassador into Plexus, you will earn a 5% retail over-ride commission on any Personal Volume over $100.00 generated by that Ambassador. You can see how this retail over-ride commission can quickly add up as you sponsor more people into Plexus.
Building your business has many advantages. When a new Ambassador joins the company, they can purchase a Welcome Pack.  When ordering the Welcome pack you receive the success kit for $34.95 and the product in the Welcome pack represents up to a 50% discount over normal pricing.  This is a one time offer.  Most purchase the largest pack, this allows you to share and build your business.

The Plexus Comp Plan pays 7 levels deep. That means the Plexus Points add up, the more members you have on your team. That’s why it’s encouraged to welcome people to the Plexus Opportunity. With Plexus’s products’ proven ingredients, and all of the people who need our products, why wouldn’t you want to jump in with the company who is leading the Health and Wellness industryPlexus Worldwide is also at the front of the network marketing industry. Network marketing is the ideal business, with its low start-up costs, almost no risks, time flexibility, impressive residual income and more. Even top business leaders, such as Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Stephen Covey embrace network marketing as an effective business model.

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