Thinking of Starting your own business?

First Learn How Successful entrepreneurs can be all work AND all play.

Check out these tips for how busy and successful entrepreneurs can crush their goals while creating ever-lasting memories with the fam.
Weekend workouts
Find a weekend activity involving playtime with the family that works in a workout at the same time.
Spending an easy 15 minutes of your day exercising can enhance your cognitive processing. Those weekend workouts can also be a chance to catch up on some of the exercise you skipped during the week.
Pro Tip: Look for activities to do outdoors like family swim time, skiing, or a game of soccer with the kids at the park (and don't be the goalie, get out and run!). Your kids will appreciate the family time and the memories, and your brain will thank you when you get back to work.
Unplug from work
Some of the most creative ideas for your business happen when you stop thinking about work. When you finally manage to stop stressing about business and relax, your brain becomes one giant creative factory.
Unplugging from everything work-related to enjoy the moment with loved ones—can actually jump-start your creative process. Your business isn't going to fail if you read your kiddos favorite story one more time, or sit through a full episode—or two of your favorite show.
Turn off the phone and enjoy yourself. Let your subconscious do the work for a while, you just focus on being happy.
Wake up at the same time
The most successful entrepreneurs say sleeping-in on the weekends is a big no-no. If you’ve wired your body to wake up at the same time every day, sleeping in on the weekend can make you groggy.
In fact, sleeping-in can ruin your days off because your brain has to play catch-up for several hours. Oh! And bummer, it can also ruin your Monday when you have to reset your internal clock to wake up earlier.
Pro Tip: Don't set your alarm clock for a later time on the weekends. If you really need to catch some extra zzzzz's, go to bed a little earlier the night before!
Cut down on chores
When the chores start on Saturday—getting “caught up" is taken to a whole other level, as housework takes over your entire weekend. Before you know it—the plan to scrub one more corner is one weekend gone by.
Pro Tip: Schedule a few chores every day—like you would any other business task, and allow only a certain amount of time for it. When the time is up, move on and come back to it at the next scheduled time, if needed.
Some entrepreneurs even set a timer while doing chores with the family. It cuts down on the overall workload for everyone—and can make even the most task fun.
Speaking of "me time"
Set aside some time in the mornings for yourself. Your peak mental performancetime is usually two to four hours after you wake up. It’s good to get in some exercise first thing in the morning, and then spend some time for you…and, only you.
This is when you’re most alert and can appreciate your passions and hobbies. Make sure the fam is in on it too, letting them know you have a set “me time” is the best way to get time for yourself.
Following these tips for a productive and successful weekend can make all the difference in the world. Your family won't feel left out and you'll be able to achieve even more when you put your nose back to the grindstone.