How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Virtually

One of the greatest things to come out of the Plexus Believe Convention 2017 was Lexi. Ok one of the greatest technical things, however it did not compare to when they rolled out VitalBiome and XFactor Plus. I seriously cried when those were revealed. I know, I know weird right. But here is the deal, those products are sooooo life changing that you couldn't help but get emotional. I have already experienced such positive change in my life thanks to the amazing products and then they went and made them more amazing. But anyhow, back on track and on with the amazing.

So, let me introduce LEXI. LEXI, is a Plexus Ambassador's virtual assistant. First to back up if you are not already in Plexus, an Ambassador is a person that has joined Plexus to promote the products hence Ambassador. Some Ambassador's grow their business others are more of a wholesale customer. As soon as you become a wholesale customer you have the opportunity to be an Ambassador of the products. If you share with your friends and family, it is possible that you will have a very profitable, accidental business on your hands. So many of our top people in the company just fell in accidentally. Because the compensation plan is designed the way a comp plan should be, but rarely is, in this social marketing business, people can actually make money. Good grief...Today I am all wordy. I took my "Edge" you know, that will do it to me. Firing on all cylinders today.

So, back to Lexi. This app educates new Ambassadors while teaching sponsors how to effectively build commitment and duplication with their new team members. Lexi supports the "Rank Up Roadmap" by delivering learning on the go. If you have a new customer, there are videos and pre-written texts to help them on their new journey to health. It is all so amazing, it is hard to know where to start. I will break this down a little in different posts as far as what Lexi can do but here is a little sampler:
 - Lexi tracks present inspiring videos, text reminders, emailed educations and links to Plexus resources and communities. All delivered when your contacts need help in ways they can understand.
- Studies show that Lexi saves active users 5 hours a week. What could you do with 5 more hours? This virtual assistant, plans ahead to make sure you have what you need to reach your dreams with Plexus.

 The long and the short of it is having your own virtual assistant can change everything. It will keep you on track and make you more productive. If you have been looking for a roadmap to success. This could be your answer.